Ryan Williams

Williams, 14, Young Black Belt Trained for 3 years at Orpington
Choikwangdo August 27, 2004

Choi Kwang Do , the most revolutionary
and ever-developing martial art in the world has helped me
in many aspects of life for as long as have studied it, just
three years. I find that a relaxed environment without competition
is the best place to learn any art, not just Choi Kwang Do

I have developed my fitness, mental awareness and personal
safety without painful stretches, impractical and self-damaging
movements and the threat of being paired with the feared
black belt sparring partner that you would find in traditional
martial arts.

An art with elements of yoga, boxing and practical, effective
street defence which encourages easy but powerful techniques
is one that has allowed me to protect myself, family and
friends in the past. I can safely say that Choi Kwang Do
is truly the best martial art in the world.”



Testimonial from Andrew Gammon M.A. (Hons) M.Litt.
25 yrs old

Doctoral Student University of St. Andrews Brown Senior Orpington

I discovered Choikwangdo in 1995 and was immediately impressed
by the combination of practised forms and practical techniques and
the way that beginners were encouraged to participate at their own
level and feel valued members of the club.

Indeed, the twin aspects of a challenging and rewarding learning
environment and an atmosphere of friendly support have been at the
centre of my experience of CKD. From my first lesson I found myself
hooked by the powerful and effective kicks and punches deftly performed
by the instructor and senior grades and was inspired to practise
what I had been taught and to learn new skills and techniques.

The effectiveness of the instruction and enjoyment of study were
enhanced by the ethos that students should concentrate on improving
their own performance and compete with themselves in order to improve,
rather than against each other. At the same time the strong emphasis
on self-defence and how to deal with dangerous situations means that
CKD is an extremely practical martial art.

The grading system encourages students to improve their current
skills and continue training and learning by introducing new techniques
at each level which are immediately practicable in self-defence situations.

Exhilarating focus mitt work, based on simulations of real situations,
has developed my cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and
co-ordination, whilst shield drills add an additional weight and
intensity that is only superseded in training by the free moving
exercises in which the two are combined.

The atmosphere of the club is in large part due to the excellence
of the chief instructor and his assistants whose dynamic and creative
attitude towards training continues to make the club a success and
ensure my return whenever I am able.

Andrew Gammon

Testimonial from Tony Dyer Gold Senior Trained
for approximately one year.
Aged 68. Businessman

“I decided, with our more violent world, I should be able
to defend both myself and my wife should we ever be unlucky enough
to be attacked. My problem was, what type of self defence did I need.

I didn’t fancy falling all over the ground as in judo and
the thought of learning all the Japanese phrases that are required
in karate did not encourage me at all. I wanted something that trained
me to ‘get in first’ without having to learn things I
didn’t need to know.

Self defence such as I wanted I began to think did not exist. Then
I started talking to Mr Jack Watson who, to my surprise, had a club
teaching just what I wanted to learn. It was a form of self defence
of which I had never heard, called ‘Choikwangdo’.

Going to my first meeting was a little nerve-wracking as maybe
I would be thought too old. When I arrived these fears immediately
disappeared. The youngest was a girl, 10 years old and from there
every age group was represented up to people in their 60’s.

It is great to be a member of a club where everyone, from black
belts down, are willing to explain and help you. A club where you
are made to feel you can make it to the top if you want to, no matter
what your age.

Choikwangdo does many things for you including keeping you fit
but for me, the most important is the feeling of self confidence.

How old am I? I was 68 last May.”


1st September 2004

Testimonial from Michael Spilling, Eltham Businessman
Aged 50

I was a 47 year old man, who has suffered with soft tissue damage
to both ankles for the last 20 years. Being unable to run at all,
and walk only short distances, my general fitness was at an all time low.

Choikwangdo was recommended to me by a close friend who happened
to be an instructor. He invited me along to the CKD Orpington
club were I was introduced to Jack Watson, who explained that CKD
is a martial art based on individual improvement.

I would be able to work around my ankle injury and might improve
my mobility. I was impressed with their interest in my problem and
the friendliness of this CKD club and gave it a go.

mick spilling
mick spilling

Now at the age of 50 I can walk and run. I have also improved my
fitness. I am an assistant instructor at Orpington CKD and at the
next grading I will be taking black belt.

Without doubt joining CKD has changed my life in many ways, and
my only regret is not discovering CKD years before